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Cloud server solution
for fast and easy
Online game development

Strix Cloud NEW

Strix Cloud is a development solution for online game.
It supports large numbers of concurrent connected users (CCUs) and high-speed, large-scale message processing.
This solution supports a wide range of game development, from low-traffic light content to online games requiring real-time performance.


Introducing online game development video using Strix Cloud with Unity!

STRIX is a multi-platform library that provides high-speed network and server features required for online game development.
It supports a variety of content development, from smartphone apps to large scale MMOs and Web services.

Large scale MMOs!


Smartphone apps!


Services other than games!


Server solution with multiple functions and high applicability


Package for rapid server development

A flexible room function is available to easily set up a matching framework.Rooms can be freely interconnected for topology development.


Corresponding to the multi-platform

Windows、Linux、MacOS、iOS、Android、Unity、Unreal Engine、Nintendo Switch


UnitySDK plug-in

"The plug-in for StrixUnity SDK is available as an SDK on the client. You can easily synchronize an object by placing a component on it."
* No coding is required for Strix Cloud.

High-speed, scalable communication functions


High-speed communication library

A communication core module is provided to enable message communications and multiple connections.


Multi-protocol support

TCP and RUDP are supported. Select whichever protocol is appropriate for your purpose or device.