Game development

We develop platform games on a contract basis. Total support for online game development is offered, including planning, programming, design, and development consulting.
  • ・ Providing client development, server development, and network technologies
  • ・ Supporting a wide range of languages and platforms
  • ・ Developing a wide range of program types including large MMO, home video games, and social applications

Debugging service

We provide a debugging service by leveraging know-how acquired through our online game development and operation.
  • ・ Offering a one-stop service, from planning, through operation, to reporting
  • ・ Making work more efficient and faster by permanently assigning a debugging leader to the client's site
  • ・ Providing a development support tool
Development support tool
STRIX DMS for identifying
the root causes
of software problems
to reduce workload

Library enterprise

We package the network and server technologies required for online game development and provide them as multi-platform libraries.