Corporate Information


  • Kengo Aoki
    Representative Director

    Kengo Aoki

    After joining a major staffing agency, Kengo Aoki joined Multiterm Co., Ltd in 2000.
    He was appointed as director for the same company in 2005.
    During his time as director at Multiterm Co., Ltd, Kengo Aoki engaged in directing large-scale online, and communication library development.
    In February 2008, Kengo Aoki founded Soft Gear Co., Ltd. as the Representative Director. (Present)

  • Naoki Miyanaga

    Naoki Miyanaga

    Apr. 2005 Joined Multiterm Co., Ltd
    Jan. 2008 Joined Cross Games, Inc.
    Feb. 2009 Joined Soft Gear Co., Ltd.

  • Chisato Hayashi

    Chisato Hayashi

    2008 Joined Soft Gear Co., Ltd. Management Department
    2021 Appointed as director of Soft Gear Co., Ltd.

  • Satoshi Oshita
    Outside Director

    Satoshi Oshita

    Mar. 1976 BANDAI Co., Ltd.
    Apr. 2002 President and Representative Director BANDAI NETWORKS CO., LTD.
    Apr. 2010 President and Representative Director BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD.
    Apr. 2012 President and Representative Director BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
    Jun. 2012 Director (Part-time) BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.
    Jun. 2019 Advisor BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.
    Jul. 2019 Outside Director of Soft Gear Co., Ltd.

  • Outside Director

    Jiro Kumakura

    Joined Global Brain Corporation after working at CSK Corporation (currently SCSK Corporation) and Digital Design Co., Ltd.
    Experienced in system development and game development for SEGA, a group company, at CSK Corporation.
    He was an early member at Digital Design where he planned and developed communication middleware as CTO which made an IPO at NASDAQ Japan as its first listing.
    Engaged in new business development after making IPO.

  • Auditor

    Yoshihiko Masuda