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Online Game Development

Providing stable and flexible server development backed by our technological capabilities

We provide our development services backed by a wide range of development experience, from development of real-time MMOs to smartphone apps. We also provide real-time server development using the strength of our network and server technology.

  1. We are able to achieve high-speed and stable server development
  2. We can handle development for a wide range of programming lanuages and platforms

Our Online Game Development Menu

We're a one-stop shop for online game development from developing technology to managing services.


We conduct planning and create proposals for a wide range of network related content such as online games, metaverses, and XR services


From development planning to the development of operations management tools, we carry out development according to your requirements


We provide a flexible debugging service that meets your needs

Post-Launch Development

We offer support for creating operational plans, analyzing KPI, and conducting development for both client and server-side after launch

Library R&D

Realize convenient and new software through the research and development of fundamental technologies

We provide the fundamental technology necessary for developing software via a library. We are developing a library based on various research themes such as our server library STRIX for online game development, an original database, and an automated debugging system. In addition, we have obtained technical patents related to network and server technology.

Server Library STRIX

A service that provides the server technology necessary for developing online games, metaverses, live streaming apps, etc. all in one package.

QA Service

Providing a QA service to test for bugs in your software

From our perspective as a game development company, we are developing a wide range of debugging techniques from debugging by playing through games to conducting more technical debugging. We provide a one-stop QA service that begins from creating test specifications to the creation of debug reports.

Providing an On-Site Lead Debug Technician Service
One of our lead debug technicians will work on-site at your location
Debug technicians will provide analysis reports that can be useful in the development of your product
QA Engineering
We will provide an original development support menu, created from the developer's point of view, that includes things such as modifying source code and deploying it to test environments.

Our Debugging Menu

By providing our original development support menu, created from the developer's point of view, we help to reduce the burden placed upon developers.


We offer a wide range of debugging support including games, apps, web services, etc.

Server Monitoring and Debugging

We will help developers reduce their workload

Design Debugging

We will help you realize a more secure and stable service

Security Testing

We will help you to avoid damage caused by cheating

Load Testing

We will help you to prevent delays due to server crashes


We support your development by providing the technical and server development capabilities needed for real-time online game development

We are the only technology venture company in Japan that has been involved in the development of large-scale MMO servers since the beginning of online games. We offer various services related to developing online content, centered around server development.
From large-scale MMOs to metaverses, we are a one-stop shop that conducts planning and developing games through the production phase to managing and continuing development of stable online games for multiple platforms post launch.
In addition, since we are conducting research and development of the fundamental technology needed for developing online games, we will reduce the difficulty of development while providing you with a low-cost development environment.
We will also propose development services based on your development needs, so please feel free to contact us.

Our Development Menu


We will conduct the planning needed for developing your content.

・Creating proposals
・Creating specifications

(Game Development)

We will develop your content making use of the most suitable development languages and tools.

C++, C#, etc.
Game Engines
Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.

(Server Development)

We will prepare asynchronous or fully synchronized servers specifically for your game. We provide fast and stable server systems.

C++, Java, PHP, Python, Kotlin, etc.
Various SQL relational databases, in-memory database

Post-Launch Development

We will take care of the operations management and development after your online game launches. We also develop operational management tools that help support server monitoring and data analysis.


・3D design (models, animations)
・2D design (2DCG, UI/UX)
・Design planning

Tools Used
Maya, Zbrush, Illustrator, Photoshop, Substance 3D Painter


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