Looking for Those Who Will Create the Future Beyond the Scope of Online Games

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Challenging new ways
to play online games

Soft Gear operates on the mission of providing content that can be a driving force for Japan to lead in the global network content marketplace for future generations.

As a technology venture company that can support network related content, we will continue to become a studio that can play an active role worldwide while confronting various technologies.

Challenging new technologies and making career advancements can be realized while working at venture companies.

So, let's create new services together!

Games are separated into both games and play.
Rules make up the games while the ways in which we play and experience them are incorporated into them.
Our mission is to deliver rules and experiences to our customers via software.
The degree to which we have technical freedom is increasing and evolving.
I believe that those who will also create online services are coming, whether they will join us here at Soft Gear or not.

CEO Kengo Aoki


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