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Soft Gear Co., Ltd. Website Terms of Use


Those who use this website are deemed to have agreed to the following conditions. We may change the Terms of Use without notice. In that case, please note that the changes to this Terms of Use will apply.

Soft Gear Co., Ltd. pays close attention to the information posted on this website, but is not responsible for the following:

  1. That all posted information is correct, safe, and useful.
  2. That the posted information is always up to date.
  3. Any damage caused by using this website.
  4. Not providing notice when servers are down, information changes, or when services are discontinued or suspended. Also, any damage caused by this.

When using a website linked from our website, please follow the terms of use of the linked site.

Protection of Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Information such as services and technologies provided to customers by our website is protected by copyright law and other laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights. You may only use this information for your private use.

Beyond that, use (including duplication, transmission, distribution, transfer, adaptation, etc., the same shall apply hereinafter) requires the permission of our company.

Our trade names, trademarks and marks used on this website are protected by Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and other laws.
These may not be used without our explicit permission.

Prohibited Activities

When using our website, the following actions by the customer are prohibited.

  1. Infringement of copyrights and other property rights of other customers, third parties or our company.
  2. Defamation, slander, or intimidation of other customers, third parties or our company.
  3. Acts that cause or may cause disadvantages, damage to other customers, third parties, or our company.
  4. Actions that may damage the credibility of our company or our website.
  5. Acts used for business or other commercial activities.
  6. Acts that are offensive to public order and morals, such as obscene, profane acts, and remarks.
  7. Acts that use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses, or that may cause them.
  8. Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations (including export-related laws and regulations).
    In addition to the preceding items, acts that violate these Terms of Use and that interfere with or may affect the business of our company or a third party.

Information Provided by Customers

Unless you request the provision of confidential or other proprietary information you have (including your ideas regarding your technology, sales, products, etc., hereinafter referred to as such information, etc.), we do not accept the provision of such information from customers on our website.

In the unlikely event that you provide us with such information without explicitly stating that we have an obligation to maintain confidentiality, we will keep such information confidential. Please understand that we have no obligation to keep such information confidential. In addition, we have no obligation to use or evaluate such information.


We are not responsible to you or any other third party for your use of our website, unless otherwise specified in our Terms of Service.
In addition, we do not guarantee the currency, accuracy, usefulness, suitability for a specific purpose, functionality, safety such as not containing computer viruses and other harmful effects of the contents of our website.

We are not liable for any damages resulting from changes in our Terms of Service or suspension of our website.
We are not responsible for the websites you access through links.
By providing links to other sites, this does not mean that the linked site is our affiliated company, business partner, or has any other relationship with our company.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Japanese law applies to these Terms of Use and our website.
In addition, disputes regarding these Terms of Use and our website shall be resolved by a trial under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Recommended Browser Environment

We recommend that you browse this website in the following browsers:

Recommended browsers

In the case you are using Microsoft® Windows®

  • Google Chrome
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  • Microsoft® Edge

In the case you are using Mac®

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

Required Plugins:

Adobe® Reader®
Files in PDF format can be viewed using AdobeĀ® ReaderĀ® (free of charge).

Printing Pages

This website is designed for comfortable browsing in XGA size (1024x768 pixels).
If the right edge is cut off when printing without changing the settings in the print function of the browser, set the print direction to landscape and print.

About JavaScript

This website uses JavaScript to make the use of the site more convenient.
If JavaScript is set to OFF (disabled) in the settings of your browser, some functions or content of this website may not work properly.
When using this website, please set JavaScript to ON (valid).

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February 6th, 2022


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