SOFT GEAR is a development studio modeled
on a Silicon Valley company.

With an environment encouraging the exploration of technology, SOFT GEAR has attracted talented engineers and game creators from around the world. We have employees from many different countries, including France, Poland, and Portugal, all of whom have experience in high-level development. In addition to their excellent technological skills, they are highly motivated with the goal of creating worldwide hit games and developing better game engines to support game development around the world.

Interview video featuring overseas employees

We provide an environment whereby overseas employees can live
in Japan comfortably and without difficulty.

  • We can help you to apply for a work visa. We will fully support you through the process required to secure your visa.

  • We offer company apartments for overseas employees. The rooms are all furnished comfortably.

  • "You must be able to speak English to work with us. In addition to our overseas employees, many of our personnel grew up overseas, but everyone is able to communicate in English. Of course, interviews are conducted in English."