The heart of online game development

Server Development

Those responsible for designing, building, operating, and maintaining server applications for online games and metaverses

Online games with real-time and action characteristics such as MMOs and first/third-person shooters require a highly scalable server that processes many messages (data) at high speeds.
In online games, to keep the customers entertained, the server system that supports the game plays an important role.
At the server design stage, we consider the game's structure and propose functional design plans that consider the efficiency of development and operation. We will then implement and build the server to operate the game reliably.

  • Server application development
  • Database development
  • Communication processing
  • Construction of CI/CD systems
  • Environment construction using public cloud systems such as AWS, GCP, etc.
  • Creation of KPI tools, management tools, etc.
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The researchers responsible for innovation

Library Development Engineer

Those responsible for developing a new library based on the STRIX networking core module with the themes of distributed and serverless computing.

To develop our own library, researching existing and new technology solutions is indispensable. Since this product is being produced by ourselves through repeated research and trial and error, we need those who have great researching and thinking skills. The design of our library is based on the SOLID Principles and data-driven architecture and is being developed as an asynchronous system. In addition to this, since the targeted OS and hardware is diverse, knowledge of computer architecture is required.

  • Creating requirements documentation
  • Creating system architectures
  • Implementing functions
  • Conducting various tests
  • Creating documents
  • Examining software-related inventions and acquisition of rights (implemented with a patent attorney)
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The experts behind making games

Game Development Engineer

In addition to knowledge of mathematics such as physics and vector calculations, you will play a role in exciting customers by making the games they have envisioned a reality using various technologies such as being conscious of memory and CPU development and having knowledge of GPU. Anyone who has development experience with Unity or Unreal Engine as well as anyone who has skills in programming in 3D can play an active role in this position.

  • Design and develop console games, mobile games, PC games, and metaverses (C # - Unity/C ++ - Unreal Engine)
  • Design and develop development tools
  • Design and construct development environments
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The ones who control the entire project


As a game director, you will oversee the entire game creation process from planning to release. In addition to facilitating the development work, you will bear the responsibility of the quality of the game. You will need to brush up the content to meet the needs of the customers while also coordinating with engineers, planners, and designers. Since Soft Gear has many 3D online game projects in development, experience working on 3D games as well as having the communication skills to converse with engineers is a must.

  • Team/personnel management: Managing work that is being outsourced and composing a team/adding new personnel as needed in accordance to the progress and volume of the project
  • Quality control: Manage, balance, and adjust schedules and quality to satisfy users
  • Cost management: Manage costs related to production such as external production budgets, production period, number of team members, etc.
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Project Manager

As a project manager, you will be in charge of making sure the development of projects runs smoothly. During the game development process, you will be tasked with managing a budget, man-hours, and the development schedule. Those with skills in localizing, making judgement calls and analyzing data will play an active role in this position. Being at the center of the project managing the game is your responsibility, but above all, your job is to bring games to the world for everyone to play.

  • Project development progress management and various project management operations associated with it
  • Budget management: Manage costs related to production such as external production budget, production period, number of team members, etc.
  • Hold hearings and make adjustments between sections
  • Manage external affairs with related departments and external partners in the company
  • Make various contract adjustments
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Those who breathe life into characters

3DCG Designer

IKEIKE STUDIO is an in-house design studio that was established in February 2022 that specializes in high-end character design. We take great care in creating larger than life characters that symbolize the game worlds they live in. Modeling is mainly being conducted using sculpting tools and normal maps.

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Those who design how games are played

Game Designer

In this position, you will be responsible for creating the basic designs for games. You will be tasked with creating plans that will be incorporated into the main content. This includes creating specifications such as game progression flow charts, screen design, operation design, design specifications, and instructions on sound design.

  • Create proposal documents
  • Create specifications
  • Create game data
  • Write scripts
  • Design levels
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